LIndsay Lapaquette

LIndsay Lapaquette

I work with organizations who want to elevate team performance by refining leadership communication skills.

Little Cabin in the Woods

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our little cabin in the woods at Arrowhead Provincial Park.

little cabin in the woods

Winter camping with my sister’s family has become a post-Christmas tradition for us. It gives us all a chance to unwind and connect.

It also allows us to build positive family memories to counter some of the less positive ones that all families experience.

little cabin in the woods

This year, my 7-year-old daughter kept telling me that she wants to move to the little cabin in the woods. I suspect that, much like myself, she is drawn to how this little cabin, in all of its simplicity, lends to simply being in the moment.

For our family, being in the moment means less focus on getting things done and more time just being together. For the most part, everyone can just listen to their bodies, in the moment, without any external expectations or routines.

This is something that can get tough for me amidst the hustle of work, school, homework, meal prep, dishes, messy bedrooms and dirty faces.

None of this seems important when we are camping.

little cabin in the woods

You can sleep in… or not. You can eat oatmeal for every single meal… or not. You can go skiing… or not. You can take a midday nap… or not. You can eat maple syrup on snow… or not (yuck… I vote not for that one, though our girls loved it 🤣).

little cabin in the woods

You can just do as you feel you need, in the moment.

I don’t know about you, but I always crave more of this in my life.

little cabin in the woods

As we transition back to our regular routine, my intention as we move into 2019 is to continue to bring this forward into my everyday life. As with 2018, I will focus on truly connecting with what I need and on trying to ensure that I listen to what my intuition is telling me.

My intention is to continue to work on bringing the vibe of the little cabin in the woods into our everyday life.

How can you bring more experiences of being in the moment into your life this year?

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Lindsay Lapaquette, M.Sc.(A) works with organizations who want to invest in elevating team performance by refining leadership communication skills. Lindsay’s background as a former Speech-Language Pathologist, specialized in working with clients with social interaction challenges, brings a unique perspective that helps leaders and organizations get to the root of complex communication issues so they can save time, money and sanity.

Lindsay’s approach has been profoundly influenced by her work with First Nations organizations, her experience as a parent to two children with pervasive mental health challenges, and the premature loss of both of her parents. These experiences have taught Lindsay great lessons about the power of excellent people skills that extend beyond her professional expertise.

To learn more about Lindsay’s programs, please visit

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