Lead your teams without losing more of yourself.

Do you ever feel like a chameleon? Comfortable speaking up and sharing your truth with some people, yet overthinking conversations after the fact with others? Replaying what you wish you had said? It’s like you show different parts of yourself to different people and sometimes wish you could just say what you’re really thinking, no matter who you’re speaking with.

I behaved that way myself, for more of my life than I care to admit.

I was often comfortable speaking up, particularly in a professional setting. But I didn’t always communicate effectively. When advocating for something I was particularly passionate about, I could become overbearing, argumentative, and aggressive. Or sometimes, when dealing with a particularly confrontational person, it felt impossible to be heard, so I would eventually decide just to silence my voice. After all, why continually address problems that will never be resolved?

Without even knowing it, I was at opposite ends of a dysfunctional dynamic that pushed people away and helped me avoid those truly uncomfortable conversations I so dreaded.

I’ve spent more than fifteen years applying my professional expertise in the neuroscience of communication and connection to my own life. In doing so, I progressively learned to settle my body and mind so that I could engage effectively with others.

I know firsthand that before you can effectively connect with others, you must be connected with yourself.

I am not here to “fix” you. You aren’t a thing that needs fixing.

You simply have some inner programming that is no longer serving you. And that programming has you feeling exhausted from carrying around the weight of who you “should” be when all you really want is to just be you!

Through my coaching program, you’ll learn to recognize your inner cues that signal when you’re not showing up as your true self in an interaction. You’ll learn how to use that data as a guide to help you navigate difficult interactions as a leader, focusing on respecting both your needs and the needs of your team.

Here’s how the program looks:

The work we do together will bring you back into alignment with yourself and others. This coaching program is a solid investment in your professional development, leadership skills, and personal well-being.

If you are interested in a group coaching program for your team, we can do that, too.

The process starts with a discovery call. Book yours now.