“I had the privilege to listen to Lindsay speak, and was blown away by her gift to share her knowledge in a very captivating manner! A natural storyteller. Thank you for the thought provoking information.”
Liana Hope Nutbrown
“Lindsay was so great to listen to. She covered concepts fully and examples were very helpful!”
Margot Staley
“Stories and videos made it interesting and memorable. The breakdown for all different areas and proactive solutions were very helpful.”
Tracey Pressey
"I highly recommend her coaching services based on the following : honesty, communication style and authenticity of the process. With Lindsay, everything is clear. She even goes above and beyond when it comes to the coaching services and she’s very generous with her feedback and tools."
Asma Ghali
“This was so interesting and captivating. It's evident how passionate you are.”
"I enjoyed the conference very much. Lindsay is a very clear and concise speaker. I loved the person stories she shared. It made each part of the conference come to live. I've come away with so many resources and strategies."
“I loved everything about this conference, especially your collaborative solution philosophy. Your motivation, enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. Thank you!”
"The content was very informative and extremely well delivered. What a great workshop!"
“Lindsay is a fantastic speaker and thoroughly knows her stuff! I highly recommend having her present her knowledge to those that may need to use these strategies in their workplaces.”
Stefanie Lucas
“Thanks for sharing all the information with us! I will definitely be using this information and strategies that you shared with us today. The movement breaks and personal examples really helped to solidify my understanding. Thank you again for the wonderful experience”.
Jeff Bushell
"I have had the chance to listen to Lindsay speak on a variety of different topics. I love her outlook and positivity on life. Her focus on making sure you take time for yourself has been very helpful for me. I always look forward to listening to her speak."
Parise Bois-Baird
“Your presentation style provided easy to follow information that will provide a direct impact.”
Mike Muff
"This workshop was very helpful. I have no doubt that every individual would appreciate and could benefit from attending this training, not just managers."
“This was a very beneficial workshop. I have learned so much with regards to becoming proactive and working to solve problems..”
Marlee Junker
"Awesome speaker who knows that everyone's voice has meaning. Great job!"
“Thank you Lindsay for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us today. I learned so much and could have listened for a second day!!”
Linda Holst
“No one helped me like you, Lindsay. Every step I take now is based on your precious advice.”
Mariam Fouad Mitri
“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Lindsay. I very much appreciated her empathy, her ability to make information accessible and to transmit it in a humane and humourous manner, as well as her strengths-based and solution-oriented approach. Lindsay is very approachable and listens well to others and their needs.”
Céliane Trudel
"I really found Lindsay's workshop filled with valuable information. Great workshop. I would attend again."
Linda Collier
“Very well-organized and informative. Lots of hands-on strategies.”
"Great energy, very clear, aware of her audience's needs. I liked the variation in presentation style."
Yara Camel-Toueg
“I’m a visual learner, so the visual images and words helped to understand the information. I found the information very interesting and helpful. I WAS NEVER BORED!!!”
"I really appreciated the positivity and empathy spotlighted throughout this training session."