LIndsay Lapaquette

LIndsay Lapaquette

Working with performance-driven leaders who want to master the people skills needed to bring their teams to a whole new level.

The Future of Healthcare: “Develop a more harmonious workplace through mindful communication” – Part 3:

Perspectives on the Healthcare System Today

Here is Part 3 of my interview by Christina D. Warner for her series with leaders in healthcare. The article was originally published in Thrive Global on May 30, 2019.

“Tell us why you are an authority in the healthcare field?”

Having been a front-line employee, a consultant to management, as well as a parent whose children have required significant medical services, I have experienced the healthcare system from multiple perspectives. I have consulted extensively regarding both service development and improving staff retention and client-care through mindful communication and am able to simultaneously consider the experience of the healthcare user, front-line practitioner, and management in the services I deliver.

I have been on the same journey that I bring participants on in my keynotes and workshops, which I believe makes me relatable to those who hear me speak. My focus on mindful communication has evolved from my own need to learn these skills, partially to support clients who needed these skills, but really, to help me better manage my own stress levels and challenging interactions within the healthcare sector. People can relate to me because I have been, and still am, in their shoes.

healthcare communication challenges

I am also exceptionally skilled at identifying the subtle factors that influence human behaviour and interpersonal communication. My experience consulting, both related to complex healthcare patients, and at the organizational level, has taught me to dig deep to unveil the true root causes of communication challenges, by asking the right questions and progressively peeling away the different layers of the proverbial onion. This approach to communication challenges is more holistic than that of many who work in this field.

healthcare communication challenges

Finally, I am also very results-oriented. I don’t want to simply inspire others. I want them to have the tools needed to integrate real change into their everyday lives and workplaces. Although developing relationships with others is very important to me, there is also a big focus on clinical outcome in the work that I do.

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Lindsay Lapaquette works with organizations who want to develop the strategic communication skills needed to drive employee engagement, performance and productivity. Her clinical background as a former Speech-Language Pathologist and her work with First Nations organizations have led to a holistic, client-centered, analytical approach to improving communication. 

Lindsay’s work has been profoundly influenced by her experience as a parent to two children who have pervasive mental health challenges, as well as the premature loss of both of her parents.  These experiences have contributed to Lindsay’s passion in helping others shrink their reactive zone so as to attain stress-free communication.

To learn more about Lindsay’s keynotes, workshops and consultations, visit

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