Giving Feedback that Works

Cultivating the talent of your team members means committing to regular employee performance appraisals. But what happens when your team members become defensive and are resistant to hearing about areas they need to improve? Or when they struggle to sustainably integrate recommended changes to their job performance? And, equally as important; how confident and comfortable are you giving employee performance appraisals?

giving feedback that works

Why it’s relevant to your workplace

The way in which a performance appraisal is conducted, specifically; the language, tone and intention behind that which is being communicated, can leave the employee feeling either misunderstood and discouraged, or inspired to learn new skills. In addition, we are often quick to propose solutions to problems without even realizing that we have not fully understood the underlying cause to the problem. Only when this is done thoroughly can we identify the supports that are truly needed to enable the employee to develop areas of identified weakness.

Effective performance reviews are an essential component of employee development. When reviews are conducted using an individualized, strengths-based, skill building approach, this stimulates employee reflection and a desire for improvement. Therefore, it’s up to the leaders to learn how to effectively give feedback, both positive and negative so that employees can grow and develop.

Your employees will be less reactive and more receptive to your reviews when you

This program shares a unique, holistic approach, which will lead employees to begin looking forward to employee performance appraisals as an opportunity for growth and learning.

giving feedback that works
giving feedback that works

Peak performance in the workplace is not only about meeting targets and deadlines. It must include skills for effective communication for the self and for others.

The whole-person approach used in my programs supports leaders and teams in developing an enhanced awareness of their own interaction styles, as well as those of others within their environments.

Participants can take this new knowledge and apply it to their future communications with their colleagues and clients to bring increased engagement, performance and productivity to the workplace.

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It’s of crucial importance to me that my programs be customized to meet the needs of each particular setting that I work with.  Let’s chat so we can determine which of my programs will best meet your current needs.

giving feedback that works