Amplify engagement

Boost performance

Maximize productivity

I work with organizations who want to develop the strategic communication skills needed to drive employee engagement, performance and productivity.

The hidden advantage

of stress-free communication

When organizations foster communication practices that leave individuals feeling appreciated and heard, people want to keep working with and for you. 

Clients who work with me learn actionable skills and strategies to stay out of the reactive zone of communication, enabling them to address uncomfortable issues, manage conflict effectively and truly listen to others.  When workplace drama decreases, employees become more engaged, performance rises and productivity explodes.




How to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work

Are stressful interactions at work leaving you or your team feeling frustrated or even exasperated?

Grab your free eGuide with tips on how to cultivate and sustain stress-free communication at work.

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“I had the privilege to listen to Lindsay speak, and I was blown away by her gift to share her knowledge in a very captivating manner!  A natural storyteller.  Thank you for the thought provoking information.”

Liana Hope Nutbrown


“You are the most holistic professional that I’ve met so far, and I hope one day I’ll be able to reach your level of competency, knowledge and compassion.”

Céliane Trudel


“Lindsay is a fantastic speaker and thoroughly knows her stuff!  I highly recommend having her present her knowledge to those that may need to use these strategies in their workplaces.”

Stefanie Lucas


“Thanks for sharing all the information with us!  I will definitely be using this information and strategies that you shared with us today.  The movement breaks and personal examples really helped to solidify my understanding.  Thank you again for the wonderful experience”.

Jeff Bushell


“Thank you Lindsay for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us today.  I learned so much and could have listened for a second day!!”

Linda Holst

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Getting In Touch With Your Authentic Voice

Are you in touch with your authentic voice? Do you listen to and trust this voice?

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5 Signs You’re Demanding Instead of Asking (And Don’t Even Know It…)

Would your team members say that you ask them to do things, or that you demand that they do things? The distinction can sometimes be subtle…

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How to Improve the Performance of a Weak Employee Without Reprimanding

Discover three simple ways to improve employee performance without reprimands. Empower employees to take the initiative to improve performance on their own.