You're listening...
but are you truly hearing
your clients/patients?

Is your team looking for ways to deepen their understanding of the problems faced by your clients/patients?

Does every single member of your team have the ability to engage in difficult conversations with clients/patients in a supportive manner?

The more we can understand a situation from our client’s/patient’s perspective, the better we can identify solutions that will truly fit their needs. The ability to truly meet another person’s needs depends on our ability to really hear their perspective of the problem they are facing.  No pre-conceived notions, no judgment, no one-size-fits all approach.

Why it’s relevant to your workplace

Although many professionals have received training on listening skills at some point in their career, the ability to truly connect with a client/patient is much more complex than simply listening.  Each and every interaction we have with a client either adds to, or detracts from the client’s willingness to hear and heed our advice.  In addition, until we have established a solid foundation of trust with our clients, it is difficult to gather the sensitive information we need to tailor our recommendations to each individual client’s needs.

In this keynote/workshop, you’ll learn how to build a relationship with clients/patients which will allow you to gently push their thinking, while also respecting their needs.  You will learn how engaging in difficult conversations will get you the information that you need to be a better, more effective professional.

What would it be like if all of your clients/patients felt that you understood their needs as well as they understand their own needs? 

In this keynote/workshop we focus on building the foundational skills necessary to get you the information you need from your clients/patients to be able to offer support that will truly meet their needs.

  • Explore the difference between listening and truly hearing
  • Discover the 3 primary factors that influence our ability to truly hear another’s perspective
  • Learn the magic art of balancing your perspective with that of your client or patient so as to collaboratively problem-solve obstacles they are facing
  • Understand the root cause to client/patient resistance and what you can do to move towards more collaboration
  • Discover how your impact as a professional will multiply once you prioritize relationship above all else
  • Learn why investing time early on to fully explore a client/patient’s perspective will pay off tenfold in the end, both in terms of time-savings and outcome
  • Middle managers and team members
  • Client-facing employees, particularly those in service-based professions
  • Organizations whose success depends on developing communication styles that will positively impact client satisfaction
  • Healthcare staff
  • 60 - 90 minute keynote
  • lunch-and-learn
  • breakout session
  • half or full-day interactive workshop

Peak performance in the workplace is not only about meeting targets and deadlines. It must include skills for effective communication for the self and for others.

The whole-person approach used in my keynotes, workshops and consultations supports leaders and their teams in developing an enhanced awareness of their own interaction styles, as well as those of others within their environments.

Participants can take this new knowledge and apply it to their future communications with their colleagues and clients to bring more understanding, compassion and collaboration to the workplace.

The following keynotes/workshops are also available:

It is of crucial importance to me to always meet the needs of each particular setting that I am working with.  With that in mind, it would be a pleasure to talk with you so we can determine which keynote/workshop will best meet your current needs.