Self-regulation, one of the soft skills under the emotional intelligence umbrella, is described as a universal set of personal skills.  It is also an often ignored and highly underrated attribute that is necessary in the workplace.

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During the day we’re often exposed to a range of stimuli and these stimuli affect the way we respond, react and bounce back. It’s common human practice to automatically react to stimuli based on patterned ways of interacting with the world; however, developing strong self-regulation skills enables individuals to manage their responses to others, situations and experiences. When we bring awareness to our thoughts, emotions and body sensations, this provides space between stimulus and response. This space allows us to step out of automatic patterns of reacting, improves communication and decreases overall stress levels.

Why it’s relevant to your workplace?

When we can develop a flexible range of emotional and behavioural responses that are well matched to the demands of the workplace, navigating difficult interactions at work becomes less stressful. The benefits of self-regulation are numerous.  Individuals who have strong self-regulation skills tend to maintain open communication, remain flexible and adapt to situations, are clear when they speak, can have difficult conversations in a respectful manner, and can calm themselves when upset.

Have you ever thought about adopting a holistic approach to communication?  One that considers the whole person and involves practicing reflection, self-regulation, managing receptivity and reactivity BEFORE and during difficult conversations?

  • Learn how we shift between the receptive and reactive communication zones throughout the day and how this impacts even subtle interactions with others
  • Learn your own personalized cues to identify when you have slipped into the reactive zone
  • Discover a key strategy that can be used whenever, and as often as you need it, to return your nervous system to the receptive zone
  • Understand how prioritizing well-being improves communication
  • Learn simple workplace adaptations that will improve communication and decrease expenses related to staff turnover and medical leaves
  • Receive a personalized daily mindfulness plan that will fit your busy schedule
  • Middle managers and team members
  • Organizations that value well-being as a foundation to business success
  • Organizations and teams dealing with change and transitions
  • Organizations ready to decrease rates of employee disengagement, absenteeism and burnout
  • 60 - 90 minute keynote
  • lunch-and-learn
  • breakout session
  • half to full-day interactive team building workshop

Peak performance in the workplace is not only about meeting targets and deadlines. It must include skills for effective communication for the self and for others.

The whole-person approach used in my keynotes, workshops and consultations supports leaders and their teams in developing an enhanced awareness of their own interaction styles, as well as those of others within their environments.

Participants can take this new knowledge and apply it to their future communications with their colleagues and clients to bring more understanding, compassion and collaboration to the workplace.

The following keynotes/workshops are also available:

It is of crucial importance to me to always meet the needs of each particular setting that I am working with.  With that in mind, it would be a pleasure to talk with you so we can determine which keynote/workshop will best meet your current needs.