get comfortable having
uncomfortable conversations

Does every single member of your team have the ability to engage in difficult conversations in a calm and supportive manner?

Sometimes, poor communication can show up as no conversation at all at a time when a conversation is most desperately needed.  Even when a conversation does take place, people often feel uncomfortable fully sharing their point of view.  When organizations struggle to have open and honest conversations around difficult topics, resentment and conflict increase, negatively impacting employee engagement, performance and productivity.

get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations

In our solution-driven world, the art of listening to connect has been replaced with listening to fix, leaving employees feeling misunderstood, unappreciated and disengaged.  The ability to truly meet both our and another person’s needs depends on our ability to really hear the other person’s perspective of the problem faced.  No pre-conceived notions, no judgment, no one-size-fits all approach.

Why it’s relevant to your workplace

Although many professionals have received training on listening skills at some point in their career, the ability to truly connect with others is much more complex than simply listening.  Each and every interaction we have with an individual either adds to, or detracts from that person’s willingness to hear our point of view while also sharing their own.  In addition, until relationships have attained a solid foundation of trust, people will be reluctant to share sensitive information or engage in uncomfortable conversations.

What would it be like if everyone in your organization felt safe engaging in uncomfortable conversations?

In this keynote/workshop, through my model of the 4 Foundational Skills for Effective Communication, you’ll learn what it takes to address uncomfortable issues head on: how to be willing to hear what needs to be heard, how to manage reactions and how to start saying what needs to be said.  You’ll learn to start having courageous conversations.

get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations
get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations

Peak performance in the workplace is not only about meeting targets and deadlines. It must include strategic skills for effective communication for the self and for others.

The whole-person approach used in my programs supports leaders and teams in developing an enhanced awareness of their own interaction styles, as well as those of others within their environment.

Participants can take this new knowledge and apply it to their future communications with their colleagues and clients to bring enhanced engagement, performance and productivity to the workplace.

The following keynotes/workshops are also available:

It’s of crucial importance to me that my programs be customized to meet the needs of each particular setting that I work with.  Let’s chat so so we can determine which of my programs will best meet your current needs.

get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations