Are you looking for ways to enhance you or your employees’ ability to communicate effectively or to work more cohesively as a team?

At the core of every effective conversation is clear, concise and compassionate communication

How can you guide communication so all the unique personalities within your organization can work well together?  

Is the idea of less conflict to resolve appealing to you?

Implementing stress-free communication in the workplace is not an overnight process.  No trustworthy consultant will promise immediate elimination of all workplace communication challenges.  Behavioural change takes time, dedication and a willingness to implement new strategies that will continue to be refined with practice.

Are you and your team committed to the journey of unlocking the secrets to stress-free communication?

As a former Speech-Language Pathologist, I have many years of experience in the field of interpersonal communication, digging deep to unveil the true root causes of communication challenges that cause stress to individuals and teams.  This includes not only an analysis of communication patterns across individuals, but also, consideration of the factors that contribute to receptive, rather than receptive communication.  

My clinical background lends to a unique approach to communication, whereby I support the
development and strengthening of the foundational skills required for successful
communication in each individual, rather than using a one size fits all approach.

interpersonal communication coaching

Leaders and their teams


Middle / senior management, supervisors & HR


Senior leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions

My years of working as a consultant have taught me that maximal outcomes are attained when the client is seen as the expert of their own situation, and is actively involved in determining outcome goals, as well as appropriate steps to attain these goals. 

Through guided self-reflection, clients who work with me are able to identify their own areas of strength and weakness in communication, and to recognize how this may impact their success, performance, and stress-level at work.  When such realizations come from within, clients are truly invested in attaining identified outcome measures and work collaboratively with me to adopt the changes necessary to attain stress-free communication at work.

My unique consultative coaching model enables individuals to explore new strategies and ideas in a non-judgmental climate of mutual respect and trust.

I am only satisfied that we have found the right methods when you are satisfied that the methods suggested fit your personality and life.

Consultative coaching services are available to executives or leaders who want to create a culture of stress-free communication within the workplace, as well as for employees, either on a one-on-one basis, or in small groups.  Consultative services can be contracted independently, or as an add-on to one of my keynotes or workshops and can be offered in-person or via Zoom.