Choosing New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

I gave up choosing New Year’s resolutions many years ago. Wait… keep reading… Even though I don’t choose New Year’s resolutions, I’m really good at choosing goals that I follow through on.  I just don’t happen to do it on January 1st. The idea of choosing New Year’s resolutions simply

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What to Do When Someone Is Mad at You?

Have you ever had the experience of telling someone that you couldn’t do something, only to have them become mad at you, or disappointed with you?  Did you stand tall with the boundary you had set?  Or did you find yourself back pedalling in an attempt to make amends?  Or

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Emotional Regulation

When to Listen to Fear… and When to Let It Go

We are camping at Algonquin Provincial Park this week, as part of our 25 day, 6 provincial park summer holiday. Today, my 6 and 7 year old convinced us that they could do an almost 8km hike marked as difficult, due to the incline. I was hesitant, fearing that we

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