Little Cabin in the Woods

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our little cabin in the woods at Arrowhead Provincial Park. Winter camping with my sister’s family has become a post-Christmas tradition for us. It gives us all a chance to unwind and connect. It also allows us to build positive family memories to counter some

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Corporate Wellness

Does Fear Hold You Back from Saying What Needs to be Said?

One of my superiors at work once told me that they admired how I always said what needs to be said, without any fear. His feedback took me by surprise. I had so many memories of sitting in meetings with this person, anxiety searing my chest, as I geared myself

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Choosing New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

I gave up choosing New Year’s resolutions many years ago. I don’t choose New Year’s resolutions, but I’m really good at choosing goals that I follow through on.  I just don’t happen to do it on January 1st. The idea of choosing New Year’s resolutions simply feels arbitrary to me.

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What to Do When Someone Is Mad at You?

Have you ever had the experience of telling someone that you couldn’t do something, only to have them become mad at you, or disappointed with you?  Did you stand tall with the boundary you had set?  Or did you find yourself back pedalling in an attempt to make amends?  Or

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Active Listening

Holding Space: The Value of True Listening

I remember the first time that I heard the term “holding space”.  I had no idea what it meant.  I also had no idea how to do it.  I had spent a lifetime brainstorming solutions to problems and had no idea that there was even another way of engaging in

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How to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work

Are stressful interactions at work leaving you feeling frustrated or even exasperated?

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