Effective Communication

5 Tips to Become a Better Listener

There came a point in my life when I realized that I needed to learn how to become a better listener. I was raised in a noisy, chatty, opinionated family.  It is not terribly surprising that I grew into someone who tends to be noisy, chatty and opinionated.  Probably every

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Self-Care Activities: Are You Soothing or Distracting?

Now that the holidays are over, many people find themselves feeling like they need a vacation. Changes in sleep patterns, eating habits and typical routines leave us feeling out of sorts.  Add to that the pressure of shopping, cooking/baking elaborate meals and attending and/or hosting constant parties…!   Many of

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Little Cabin in the Woods

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our little cabin in the woods at Arrowhead Provincial Park. Winter camping with my sister’s family has become a post-Christmas tradition for us. It gives us all a chance to unwind and connect. It also allows us to build positive family memories to counter some

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Corporate Wellness

Does Fear Hold You Back from Saying What Needs to be Said?

One of my superiors at work once told me that they admired how I always said what needs to be said, without any fear. His feedback took me by surprise. I had so many memories of sitting in meetings with this person, anxiety searing my chest, as I geared myself

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How to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work

Are stressful interactions at work leaving you feeling frustrated or even exasperated?

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