Corporate Wellness

7 Signs That Your Team Has a Communication Problem

Maintaining open and respectful channels of communication is the foundation to the success of any business.  I have seen many teams who are working together on a project, yet they do not even share the same vision of the project.  What is more, they are not openly discussing their differences

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Emotional Regulation

The Integrated Brain State: Balancing Thoughts and Feelings

Have you ever had a moment when you were entirely consumed by your emotions, unable to think rationally about a problem you were having? When our emotions reach a certain intensity, they can flood our system entirely, making it difficult for the frontal lobe to do its job of regulating

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10 Stress-Busting Daily Mindful Moments

Have you ever been driving somewhere and, instead of heading where you want to go, you have found yourself driving the route that you usually drive to work?  Or have you ever entirely missed your exit off the highway? This happens when we are functioning on auto-pilot.  It happens when

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Corporate Wellness

Creating a Corporate Culture that Supports Creativity

Discovering ways to foster creativity and innovation in your workplace can seem like a daunting task. Perhaps you are inspired to tap into new markets and begin new projects that both excite and motivate you. You have a vision to develop an organizational culture that will support a creative and

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How to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work

Are stressful interactions at work leaving you feeling frustrated or even exasperated?

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