Active Listening

The Attention Crisis: Is Technology Really to Blame?

People are not paying attention to one another the way they used to. We’re simply not present in our interactions with others the way we used to be. You know what I’m talking about, right? Have you ever had the experience of being at a restaurant with someone who is

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Effective Communication

How to Deal with a Serial Interrupter at Work

Hi, I’m Lindsay Lapaquette and I’m a serial interrupter. I’ll admit it. It’s really hard for me to wait my turn to talk. The reason why people can have a tendency to interrupt can be related to a variety of different causes. In my own case, it’s partially due to

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Effective Communication

Uncover the Most Frequent Source of Conflict and How to Manage It

According to the DISC® Model of Human Behaviour, the most frequent source of conflict between individuals accounts for 80% of conflict. Curious to know more? I certainly know that we can all use a little less conflict in our lives… The factor that underlies 80% of all conflict pertains to

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Corporate Wellness

Setting Boundaries Around Personal Opinions at Work

Have you ever been part of a conversation at work where someone is sharing a personal opinion about someone else on your team and you’re left feeling uncomfortable? Here’s a prime example that I’ve been witness to.  A client was considering assigning a project to a member of his team. 

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The Secret to Getting More Done

Do you find yourself unsuccessfully trying to get more done in a day? Does it feel like no matter what you try, you just can’t manage to get everything finished? I hear you… There seems to be more and more on our plates nowadays. The boundaries between work and home

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How to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work

Are stressful interactions at work leaving you feeling frustrated or even exasperated?

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